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Monthly Archive November 2018

B&B noise complaint impacting tourism

To: Ops & Sec – Port Operations Center <>
Cc:, of Commerce Chemainus & District Chamber <>,,,,,,,

Hi There

The quietness of our neighbourhood is highly disturbed once again by the generator noise and activities of a freighter, this time it is the Huayang Spirit. This is one of the 6 vessels currently parked in our neighbourhood of Saltair/Ladysmith (as shown on the map attached). We have seen in the Fall an increase of 2000% of anchor days in our area.
This vessel is doing a constant noise of about 70-72 dB and it has a series of rumbling at 75dB from my deck that are startling and we can hear the noise through closed windows and we can not protect ourselves against this violation of our home quietness. This sound disturbance is far above the noise bylaws of CVRD.
It is not the first time since the inception of the Interim Protocol that we suffer the stress of such heavy noises and we have not seen anyone from Vancouver Port coming to measure the sound.
At this moment, we hear the noise from 3 vessels and we have our natural sceneries occupied by 6 vessels. Our B&B is located in Ladysmith/Saltair and according to this area is known by tourists for its natural sceneries and relaxation, The  Huayang Spirit is located less than 600m from our shore and its length is 225 m, its massive presence is a serious personal  threat to our small business. Tourists are repelled by this kind of industrial nuisance and we are at very high risk of losing business as clients satisfaction is profoundly impacted.
We have sent several complaints on this issue of this particular anchorage LSD because it is located too close to our residential area and to our public beach and impacts drastically tourists enjoyment of our rural location. 
Despite our complaints, freighters are now parked even closer to our home like if it was done to intimidate us and have us stop complaining.  Nobody answers our complaints and even worse there are rumours that Saltair volume of complaints has been characterized as “harassment” by government employees. This rumour has had a strong effect and we know of several neighbours who feel embarrassed and have stopped complaining due to this kind of allegation.
As a resident of Saltair and owner of a B&B, I do feel my rights for quiet enjoyment of my home and developing the potential of my eco-tourist B&B business are violated. I feel harassed by so many freighters sent to park by Vancouver Port so close to our home. This only profits to the Port’s operations at the expense of our small business and eco-tourism potential. 
You can see on the map attached the high density of freighters we have to suffer in our area these days. It is more dense than a Port and we are a residential rural area not an industrial Port!
We need the Port to take actions to send a team to measure the sound levels and evaluate the socio economic impact of this invasion. It is not fair what is happening. 
Saltair Resident and B&B owner

community overwhelmed by freighters presence

Att: Vancouver Harbour Master
Dear Sir
The increase in freighters anchor days in Ladysmith/Saltair/Chemainus has reached 2000% and more this Fall. In addition and as of yesterday, we have 6 (updated just now) large bulk carriers parked in close proximity to each others and very close to our shores (less than 600m). No other area has this kind of density of freighters except the Port of Nanaimo, where it is expected as an industrial port. Furthermore, the Hercules could not access inside the Port of Ladysmith and has unloaded all its wood logs in the Stuart Channel, not so far from the protected rock fish area, increasing the disturbance to marine life.
This massive invasion of industrial freighters is a major disruption to the area, our coastal rural residential and recreational character, to the quiet enjoyment of our property and public space and our environment. The impact for tourist activity is paramount.
Prior to implementing such a dramatic change, there have been no environmental and socioeconomic studies conducted.  There has not been any risk assessment done to allow such a sudden change in usage of  historical anchorages.
The Interim Protocol has claimed it will reduce the impact on coastal communities and make sure no community is overwhelmed. It sounds like our community has been forgotten. We are overwhelmed and this increase is dramatic.
A simple glance at the map attached shows the high density in our area and the statistics compiled show this dramatic increase for the Fall:
We respectfully request that this issue is looked into and that our community is  no longer overwhelmed with 5 freighters parked in such a small space and close proximity to our shore.
Kay Morisset
Saltair Ocean Protection Community

new freighter (Penta) anchored in the exact same spot as a freighter that departed yesterday

Sent: Monday, October 29, 2018 7:04 PM
To: Poruks, Vija <>
Cc:;;;; Pacific Anchorages / Ancrages du pacifique (TC) <>
Subject: Interim Protocol – Saltair/Ladysmith

It is my understanding that the interim protocol in effect has as one of its objectives the equitable distribution of freighters among all designated anchorages in the Gulf Islands.  That being the case, why is there a new freighter (Penta)  anchored in the exact same spot as a freighter that departed yesterday?  This does not appear to be very equitable.  There are several empty anchorages that have not been used for a while.

I would also like to show my appreciation for the Greek freighter (Desert Oasis) that departed yesterday which showed a great deal of consideration for the locals living on the coastline by have a very minimum of lights on at night.  It makes me ask why all freighters can’t dim their lights to the same degree?  This includes the other freighter (Agri Marina) which has also been anchored off our shoreline for the last couple of weeks and has all lights blazing.


Saltair Resident



Dear [Saltair Resident],

This is in response to your question about the assignment of vessels and why the vessel “Penta” was assigned to Ladysmith D when other anchorages were apparently available.   We followed up with the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority who confirmed that the assignments have been made equitably.    As you probably know, each anchorage has a different size rating, and at the time the Penta was assigned to LSD it was the only available anchorages for a vessel greater than 200m.

One of the issues we face as we progress towards developing a new national selection and management system for anchorages,  is accommodating larger vessels, now more prevalent than in the past.

Thank you for your interest.


TRANSPORT CANADA – Oceans Protection Plan



From: saltair anchorage []
Sent: October 31, 2018 9:18 AM
To: Pacific Anchorages / Ancrages du pacifique (TC)
Cc:; Robert Lewis-Manning; Kevin Obermeyer
Subject: Re: Interim Protocol – Saltair/Ladysmith

Good morning

About this assertion “at the time the Penta was assigned to LSD it was the only available anchorages for a vessel greater than 200m”, it seems inaccurate knowing there are 33 anchorages currently managed by the Interim Protocol and several of them were empty at the time the Penta was assigned and several are allowing for freighters longer than 200m.

For example, anchorages LSE and LSF in Ladysmith were empty then and are still empty and they both are allowing freighters longer than 200m.


Kay Morisset


From: [Saltair Resident]
Date: Thu, Nov 1, 2018 at 12:52 PM
Subject: RE: Interim Protocol – Saltair/Ladysmith
To: saltair anchorage <>, Pacific Anchorages / Ancrages du pacifique (TC) <>
Cc: <>, Robert Lewis-Manning <>, Kevin Obermeyer <>

Further to Ms. Morisset’s email below, I would appreciate an explanation from the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority on why they believe “the assignments have been made equitably” when the Penta was assigned to an anchorage vacated less than 24 hours previously while two adjacent anchorages, LSE and LSF (both rated for 225m) have been vacant for some time now.  I suspect that these are not the only two other anchorages that were also available.  This does not suggest an equitable assignment strategy.


[Saltair Resident]



penta noise complaint

sound complaint freighter PENTA anchored in Ladysmith LSD – generator is heard at 73dB on my deck

Subject: sound complaint freighter PENTA anchored in Ladysmith LSD – generator is heard at 73dB on my deck
Date: November 2, 2018 at 10:33:10 AM PDT
Cc:, Pelton Jeff <>,, “Paquet, Alain” <>, Ops & Sec – Port Operations Center <>, Kevin Obermeyer <>, Lewis-Manning Robert <>,,,,, saltair anchorage <>

One more time a vessel parked in Saltair is projecting a high level of industrial sound nuisance towards our residential and recreational area. The sound of this vessel’s generator the “PENTA” has been measured at 73dB this morning on my iPhone and from my deck where I took the photo attached.

Several residents have requested monitoring of sound from vessels be undertaken to acknowledge the nuisance and reduce the impact on our community. Some anchorages such as LSD are just too close to shore for large vessels (PENTA is 225m), and the consequences are predictable: loud sound nuisance and loss of quietness.

Let’s take the example of Ladysmith bylaws: “No person shall emit or cause, suffer, or permit the emission of sound from the operation of a heat pump or water pump in a quiet zone resulting in a sound level at a point of reception located in a Quiet Zone in excess of: i. 50 decibels between 7 am and 10 pm, or ii. 45 decibels between 10 pm and 7 am the following day.”

Here we are faced with a situation where the sound is over 70dB, but nothing is done to alleviate this issue. The issue is amplified by the sudden increase in the number of freighters parked in our coastal waters. Saltair is a quiet residential area, but we continue to be bombarded with loud sound from vessels anchored that are not compatible with the quietness of a rural coastal area.

The level of sound over 70dB compares to a new freeway being placed overnight a few hundred meters from our front yard. The sound covers bird chirping (45dB) and passing cars (65dB).

The same vessel parked in English Bay is not impacting residents with the same level of noise because the anchorages are further away and the suburban/urban ambient noise is much higher than a rural area.

There has to be something that can be done, first acknowledging the harmful situation by measuring the sound levels in our residential streets and households, and then take measures to prevent this to happen again. The loud noise is very stressful and impacts our health.

Saltair Resident



From: Lynne Smith <>
Subject: Re: sound complaint freighter PENTA anchored in Ladysmith LSD – generator is heard at 73dB on my deck
Date: November 2, 2018 at 5:37:21 PM PDT

Hi Kay,

Thank you for sending me this information.

The Saltair Ocean Protection Group may want to put together a presentation for the CVRD Board to request the CVRD Board Directors to authorize the writing of letters to the Provincial Government and the Federal Government. The same as the Town of Ladysmith has written.

On the CVRD website you can fill out the form to apply to be a delegation.

Lynne Smith
Area G Director (Elect)