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Monthly Archive December 2018

Noise complaint Desert Oasis – see this answer!

Response received from TC: (may be we need to change the laws to make sure our quality of life and quietness is respected??)

From: “Poruks, Vijae” <>
Date: December 11, 2018 at 11:09:21 AM PST

Subject: FOLLOW UP RE: telephone calls about the MV Desert Oasis
Hello [hidden for privacy Chemainus Resident]

Further to telephone message left this morning …h

This will acknowledge receipt of your recent telephone calls to Yvette Myers of Transport Canada  and to Kevin Obermeyer of the Pacific Pilotage Authority about the noise emitted by the ship “Desert Oasis”.    We passed the noise complaint on to the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority, who immediately contacted the ship’s captain through their agent.  We have already received an acknowledgement and a return message from the ship indicating that they are running their generators at minimum and no further reductions are possible.

We appreciate that even this reduced output may still be unacceptable; however, unless the ship is violating a Canadian law, Transport Canada does not have the authority to compel a ship to move, nor to change its behavior while at anchor.

We also wish to advise that the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority recently updated their procedures for receiving noise and light complaints.   In the future, you may contact VFPA directly at, and complete and on-line form. As mentioned, VFPA immediately follows up and tracks the details of each complaint.

Please let us know if this addresses your concerns or if you have additional questions.


Vija Poruks, OPP Project Manager

Transport Canada, Pacific Region/Government of Canada

For almost a year now we have been trying to cooperate with this interim protocol

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Freighter lights in anchorage’s

For almost a year now we have been trying to cooperate with this interim protocol. The only reason I was the least bit hopeful that there were good intentions on your side of this argument was that when I emailed a complaint regarding noise or lights the Harbour Master acted quickly to remedy the situation.

Now there is a new system in place with an online form that after three submissions has borne no results.

Is it coincidence that the first freighter arriving after this new system took place has left all of its bright lights on all night? I doubt it.

Please put a more responsive system back in place.

Also it has been reported by concerned citizens that last week sailors were observed coming ashore from the Desert Oasis with backpacks. This particular ship has received numerous complaints while anchoring here. Although not documented it does raise some serious concerns if people are entering our country illegally. What procedures are in place to ensure people are staying onboard while here.

[Ladysmith resident]




Freighter Discharge in anchorage



From: Ops & Sec – Port Operations Center <>
Date: December 14, 2018 at 3:48:18 PM PST
To: [masked for privacy]
Subject: RE: Form Submission: Anchorage inquiry – noise and light
Good afternoon,

Thank you for contacting the Port of Vancouver.

We will investigate the Baltic Sea.


Operations Coordinator

Harbour Master’s Office

Operations and Security

 Vancouver Fraser Port Authority

100 The Pointe, 999 Canada Place

Vancouver, B.C. Canada  V6C 3T4

From: [] On Behalf Of Port of Vancouver
Sent: Friday, December 14, 2018 3:44 PM
To: Ops & Sec – Port Operations Center <>
Subject: Form Submission: Anchorage inquiry – noise and light



There is a new comment:

 [masked for privacy]
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Email address:
l [masked for privacy]
Vessel name:
Nord Baltic
Please provide a brief description of your concerns:
At approximately 2:50 pm today we witnessed this freighter discharging significant amount of water out of the back.