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Saltair Ocean Protection Committee & Stuart Channel Anchorages Watch Group

Saltair Ocean Protection Committee

The SOPC is one of several Saltair’s committees. A group of concerned Saltair residents has formed a committee to advocate, collect, and distribute information related to the protection of our coastal waters. Our goal is to pressure the Federal government to improve the management of anchorages and reduce the increase of commercial freighters in our sensitive ecosystems.

Saltair is a quaint unincorporated rural coastal community with a strong identity, culture, and tradition. Saltair is well known for its scenic road, beautiful unobstructed views of Stuart Channel and Gulf Islands, quiet residential community, and dark skies policy. Saltair has invested in five beach access points to acclaimed natural areas such as the Davis Lagoon and Boulder Point Beach. The area is renowned for its ocean recreation, kayaking, shallow water swimming areas, and wildlife watching.
Saltair has a burgeoning eco-tourism industry with economic activities relying on its reputation of natural coastal waters.

Not sure where Saltair is? Check Sunny Saltair website

The issue: Large commercial freighters anchored for long duration and in very close proximity to residential and recreational areas disturb quality of life and enjoyment of property and public space. Transport Canada has initiated an Interim Protocol introduces a change that disrupts Saltair’s natural rural character, increasing dramatically the number of freighters anchored in our coastal waters.

See our statistics, letter to minister of transport, and petitions.

SOPC was founded and is lead by Kay Morisset. Concerned citizens are invited to join the mailing list and contribute to advocacy initiatives.

Contact: Kay Morisset, Founder and Leader
Email: saltair[dot]anchorage[at]gmail[dot]com

Stuart Channel Anchorages Watch Group

SCAWG is a residents watch group formed in reaction to the dramatic increase of freighters in the coastal area of Ladysmith, Saltair, Chemainus, Kulleet Bay off the Stuart Chanel.

In March 2018, the Federal government promised fund to get rid of derelict vessels in the Ladysmith Harbour. Only 1 derelict vessel has been removed. Our experience with the interim Protocol is a dramatic freighter traffic increase. It has become a great concern and threat to our environment and coast economic potential. Our group was formed to raise the issue and keep the heat on Transport Canada. We are working on a petition.