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INTERIM PROTOCOL – another proposed extension!!

Re: Extension of Interim Protocol
I am writing to express my dismay about the extension (yet again) of the protocol for parking vessels in the Stuart Channel particularly, but throughout the Salish Sea, in general.
I came to live on Vancouver Island first in 1971, and over those nearly 50 years, have seen efforts to lay barren these rich coastal waters and the communities that surround them. This has been the most egregious violation so far. These ships are here all the time now, sometimes several of them at once, with engines running and lights on all night, dumping their bilge, and God only knows what else into the water, dragging their anchors across the sea bed, further threatening our resident killer whale population, and other species.
We are in a climate emergency here, and the Port of Vancouver is more inefficient than ever. Now there is the threat of a strike, which could bring the Port to a standstill. This would mean even more ships lolling about, waiting to take on cargo, for even longer periods of time.
Algorithms are created by humans. The assumptions upon which they are based are FAULTY, and creating havoc. We are sick to death of hearing that the current (or any proposed further) distribution of ships is based upon an algorithm, which makes it sound as though humans have no control over the outcome. We are not fools. We see what is happening, and we are outraged.
The system needs a complete overhaul, not an extension.

[Chemainus Resident]

Re: INTERIM PROTOCOL – another proposed extension

In response to your letter May 2019,

I am shocked that are you asking one more feedback about this “Interim Protocol”.  Are you going to continue the same way because no investment, no studies and no work has been undertaken to develop other options?

I have already been sending numerous complaints many times about this so please, just refer to them, there is no need for me to repeat myself.

We have more and more B&B guests that are unlucky to experience anchored freighters, they comment on such an “eye sore”, complain about the “constant noise” and wonder why these cargo ships are empty doing nothing here, many ask if they are derelict vessels.

I feel ashamed to be Canadian and victimized by my own government unable to find solutions that are modern and efficient. See attached a letter that was prepared by my lawyer and sent out last year. This letter was never answered, it shows how much you do not care about our distress and hardship.

With this Interim protocol, Saltair has seen an increase of 600% in freighters anchored. You have turned Saltair, which was a natural jewel of Vancouver Island into an industrial wasteland, destroying all the seabeds for generations.

This protocol has been implemented as part of the Ocean Protection Plan; It has now proven to be a SCAM and a SHAME.
[Saltair Resident, B&B Owner]

We have been forwarded your documents about the Interim Protocol.
I am taking the time  to answer the statements and questions in the document you sent, I hope this letter will be taken into consideration to stop this Interim Protocol.
[Saltair Resident]
“voluntary and temporary set of procedures for the assignment and use of the thirty-three anchorage sites along the South Coast of B.C. outside Canada Port Authority boundaries “
I consider this sentence as the first lie, I have talked to multiple ship agents, and they all told me they have to follow Port of Vancouver Instructions, they have nothing to say.
“Transport Canada has gained a better understanding of the impacts of anchoring.”
I consider this sentence as a second lie, before re-activated historical anchorage, there was no environmental studies, no social-ecological studies,  no underwater studies done, impact on tourism was not taken into account. I know many residents in Saltair, many of them have sent letters and requests, for what? Nothing. Just the wood industry got an arrangement for the Barge. Residents got NOTHING.
“was to more evenly balance the use of anchorage sites among all locations, “
I consider this sentence as a third lie: why Gabriola island has no anchorage and Royal Road refuse to be part of the interim protocol? The interim protocol is biased and flawed.
“reduce noise and light when anchored near residential communities.”
I consider this sentence as a fourth lie: Why we have to call EACH TIME there is ship to ask to reduce the light? WHY there is no regulation since February 2018? The noise: would you accept to have an engine idling 24/7 in front of your house between 60 to 72DB…?. The sound is continuously present. Not something you could expect in a rural residential area
1 -Do you have any concerns about the extension of the Interim Protocol?  
YES, this Interim Protocol is a SHAME. It is not up to Canada International Standards. I am pretty sure a third world country can do better. This Interim Protocol is spreading the pollution rather than containing it.
Furthermore, extensive researches were done among different authorities, ministers and they have NO historical legal documentation about these anchorage designations, and which authority (or who) designed them, and for which purpose.
What give you the right to reactivate these historical anchorage with NO environmental studies, no social-ecological studies, no underwater studies done, the impact on eco-tourism was not taken into account. Vancouver Port and Transport Canada has not provided any evidence these anchorages are used lawfully.
2- Is there specific information you think should be considered in the Interim Protocol?  
YES, industrial activities had to stay in industrial locations such as Vancouver Port, NOT in a rural residential area like Saltair.
Coastal residents are now EXPOSED to 24/7 noise pollution night and day we had up to 75DB, exhaust from ships, unknown discharges from these ships, risk of crew members seen leaving the freighters and risk of illegal immigration (Desert Oasis), risk of invasive species, risk of a spill. This is TOTAL SHAME. If it were on land, Port of Vancouver would have to respect the environment and the residents nearby.
Port of Vancouver and Transport Canada are DESTROYING  and POLLUTING the Stuart Channel for industrial profits. The Government of Canada is not protecting its people; on the contrary,  it is using our tax money to pollute us and destroy our environment.
3-From your perspective, are there any additional considerations that could help in revising the Interim 
STOP THIS NON SENSE IMMEDIATELY. Invest a just in time berthing and ban all contracts that offer to demurrage fees to this ship loitering in coastal water. Ships should arrive on time in Vancouver Port and NOT be provided outside of port anchorage.


VISHVA PREETI is a MASSIVE bulk carrier in anchorage C is too big


I am very disappointed and shocked to see the Interim Protocol has assigned a vessel of 229m , the VISHVA PREETI, to be parked in Anchorage C.

The documents established by PPA in 2016 during the anchorages review only allows vessels of 225 m in this anchorage. This is a violation of PPA’s safety directions and operating parameters for this anchorage. See the document attached.

There was no risk assessment done to allow for such a large vessel to park in anchorage C. This vessel should be removed immediately.

In addition, the vessel has been parked further away from the Ladysmith Port most probably to accommodate loggers but is now much closer to the Rock Fish conservation area.

As a result Industrial activity and nuisance is shifted toward the Rock Fish area and the planned Salish Sea Marine Conservation area with all the negative consequences for the Environment.

It is also a serious concern for eco-tourism as it is a massive vessel obstructing all the views of Coffin island and the Gulf Island on the West. It is also very noisy and there is a trail of black smoke coming from its chimney 24 hours from its generator.

This vessel is way too big for our area and creates an unacceptable threat to our marine environment and eco-tourism.

Also FYI, this anchorage was already occupied by a noisy vessel for 30 days between Dec 23 and Jan 23. The quietness and character of Saltair is jeopardized with such frequent use and now this massive vessel.
When is it going to stop?

Best regards,

Kay Morisset
Saltair Resident

deseet oasis

Desert Oasis open letter

The Honourable Marc Garneau, P.C., M.P.
Minister of Transport
330 Sparks Street
Ottawa, ON
K1A 0N5

Sent by email:,


Saltair, December 16, 2018

Dear Minister Garneau:

Re: Interim Protocol for the Use of Southern B.C. Anchorages / Ladysmith Saltair Area

How long is too long to have a freighter idling 24/7 in an outside of Port anchorage, accumulating industrial nuisance for coastal communities?


Here is the compelling case of the DESERT OASIS: the week of October 24, 2018, this vessel was provided with a first assignment to a LADYSMITH/SALTAIR anchorage; as of December 14, it is still parked in the same area.


The DESERT OASIS has been anchored for the most part of the last two months in 3 different anchorages in LADYSMITH/SALTAIR. The Interim Protocol has generously provided three assignments for this 225m vessel that was sent to park each time at an anchorage in very close proximity to shore. Meanwhile, many residents endure the stress and nuisance of the loud noise of its generators, idling 24/7.


Our community has raised the issue of having the LADYSMITH/SALTAIR historical anchorages re-activated by the Interim Protocol with no risk assessment and no socio-economic and environmental studies. These anchorages were designated in the 70s not taking into account the large size of modern vessels. We have brought this issue to the attention of the Parliament of Canada, Transport Canada, Port of Vancouver, Pacific Pilotage Authority, and BC Chamber of Shipping as well as the many concerns of the cumulative damages these industrial vessels generate for the seabed, and threats to marine life and coastal ecosystem.


Despite the abundance of complaints and the evidence of nuisance, nothing has been done to alleviate the usage of these anchorages. On the contrary, during the fall of 2018, the Interim Protocol has assigned so many vessels to anchor in the LADYSMITH/SALTAIR area that it has resulted in an increase of usage of historical anchorages by 2,000%. This is a serious threat to our environment.


The inaction of the Interim Protocol on environmental issues raises serious concerns about the ability of the Interim Protocol to protect our coasts and deliver on its promises as part of the Ocean Protection Plan.


Now looking back at the DESERT OASIS, it is the perfect example of the risk of having for-profit marine shipping corporations taking advantage of a free for all parking lot at the expense of local coastal communities. It is a well-known fact that there is currently a global oversupply of bulk carriers and ship owners are looking for ways to save on idling costs and pocket demurrage fees.


The Interim Protocol contributes to the very profitable activities of the Port of Vancouver by providing ship owners with a free outside of Port anchorage and no questions asked. For the past two months, the DESERT OASIS has refueled at the Port but has not moved any goods, however, no one is asking why this vessel is staying here.


Last week, we saw people that looked like crewmembers disembarking with backpacks and luggage. Even after residents reported this observation, it does not seem any inquiry is conducted to assess if the entire crew of the DESERT OASIS is still on board. There is no physical surveillance for outside of Port anchorages and the risk of illegal activities is not mitigated.


The Interim Protocol was created with the goal of reducing the impact of anchorages on coastal communities and making sure no one community is overwhelmed. After 10 months in action, we would expect it would take corrective actions to react to abusive anchoring situations and vessels that are not complying with the Interim Protocol.


The Interim Protocol is well within its prerogative to discontinue the assignment provided to the DESERT OASIS and inform the vessel that it is no longer welcome to occupy this LADYSMITH/SALTAIR anchorage. This will send a message to the Marine Shipping Industry that self-regulation is needed and that anchorage assignments are not provided forever, and for no reason.


Considering the current jurisdictional void, it is not clear what will be the reaction of the vessel’s captain and vessel’s agent, but it is about time that the Interim Protocol demonstrates its willingness to fulfill its mission, and protect the interest of coastal communities in the face of such blatant abuse.


Let’s hope the story of the DESERT OASIS was a one-time occurrence and that lessons will be learned to make this kind of abuse a thing of the past. By the time we completed the final edit of this letter, finally, we have seen the DESERT OASIS leaving its anchorage on Dec 15.

Yours Truly,


Noise complaint Desert Oasis – see this answer!

Response received from TC: (may be we need to change the laws to make sure our quality of life and quietness is respected??)

From: “Poruks, Vijae” <>
Date: December 11, 2018 at 11:09:21 AM PST

Subject: FOLLOW UP RE: telephone calls about the MV Desert Oasis
Hello [hidden for privacy Chemainus Resident]

Further to telephone message left this morning …h

This will acknowledge receipt of your recent telephone calls to Yvette Myers of Transport Canada  and to Kevin Obermeyer of the Pacific Pilotage Authority about the noise emitted by the ship “Desert Oasis”.    We passed the noise complaint on to the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority, who immediately contacted the ship’s captain through their agent.  We have already received an acknowledgement and a return message from the ship indicating that they are running their generators at minimum and no further reductions are possible.

We appreciate that even this reduced output may still be unacceptable; however, unless the ship is violating a Canadian law, Transport Canada does not have the authority to compel a ship to move, nor to change its behavior while at anchor.

We also wish to advise that the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority recently updated their procedures for receiving noise and light complaints.   In the future, you may contact VFPA directly at, and complete and on-line form. As mentioned, VFPA immediately follows up and tracks the details of each complaint.

Please let us know if this addresses your concerns or if you have additional questions.


Vija Poruks, OPP Project Manager

Transport Canada, Pacific Region/Government of Canada

For almost a year now we have been trying to cooperate with this interim protocol

“” <>

“” <>,
“” <>

Freighter lights in anchorage’s

For almost a year now we have been trying to cooperate with this interim protocol. The only reason I was the least bit hopeful that there were good intentions on your side of this argument was that when I emailed a complaint regarding noise or lights the Harbour Master acted quickly to remedy the situation.

Now there is a new system in place with an online form that after three submissions has borne no results.

Is it coincidence that the first freighter arriving after this new system took place has left all of its bright lights on all night? I doubt it.

Please put a more responsive system back in place.

Also it has been reported by concerned citizens that last week sailors were observed coming ashore from the Desert Oasis with backpacks. This particular ship has received numerous complaints while anchoring here. Although not documented it does raise some serious concerns if people are entering our country illegally. What procedures are in place to ensure people are staying onboard while here.

[Ladysmith resident]




Freighter Discharge in anchorage



From: Ops & Sec – Port Operations Center <>
Date: December 14, 2018 at 3:48:18 PM PST
To: [masked for privacy]
Subject: RE: Form Submission: Anchorage inquiry – noise and light
Good afternoon,

Thank you for contacting the Port of Vancouver.

We will investigate the Baltic Sea.


Operations Coordinator

Harbour Master’s Office

Operations and Security

 Vancouver Fraser Port Authority

100 The Pointe, 999 Canada Place

Vancouver, B.C. Canada  V6C 3T4

From: [] On Behalf Of Port of Vancouver
Sent: Friday, December 14, 2018 3:44 PM
To: Ops & Sec – Port Operations Center <>
Subject: Form Submission: Anchorage inquiry – noise and light



There is a new comment:

 [masked for privacy]
 [masked for privacy]
Email address:
l [masked for privacy]
Vessel name:
Nord Baltic
Please provide a brief description of your concerns:
At approximately 2:50 pm today we witnessed this freighter discharging significant amount of water out of the back.

B&B noise complaint impacting tourism

To: Ops & Sec – Port Operations Center <>
Cc:, of Commerce Chemainus & District Chamber <>,,,,,,,

Hi There

The quietness of our neighbourhood is highly disturbed once again by the generator noise and activities of a freighter, this time it is the Huayang Spirit. This is one of the 6 vessels currently parked in our neighbourhood of Saltair/Ladysmith (as shown on the map attached). We have seen in the Fall an increase of 2000% of anchor days in our area.
This vessel is doing a constant noise of about 70-72 dB and it has a series of rumbling at 75dB from my deck that are startling and we can hear the noise through closed windows and we can not protect ourselves against this violation of our home quietness. This sound disturbance is far above the noise bylaws of CVRD.
It is not the first time since the inception of the Interim Protocol that we suffer the stress of such heavy noises and we have not seen anyone from Vancouver Port coming to measure the sound.
At this moment, we hear the noise from 3 vessels and we have our natural sceneries occupied by 6 vessels. Our B&B is located in Ladysmith/Saltair and according to this area is known by tourists for its natural sceneries and relaxation, The  Huayang Spirit is located less than 600m from our shore and its length is 225 m, its massive presence is a serious personal  threat to our small business. Tourists are repelled by this kind of industrial nuisance and we are at very high risk of losing business as clients satisfaction is profoundly impacted.
We have sent several complaints on this issue of this particular anchorage LSD because it is located too close to our residential area and to our public beach and impacts drastically tourists enjoyment of our rural location. 
Despite our complaints, freighters are now parked even closer to our home like if it was done to intimidate us and have us stop complaining.  Nobody answers our complaints and even worse there are rumours that Saltair volume of complaints has been characterized as “harassment” by government employees. This rumour has had a strong effect and we know of several neighbours who feel embarrassed and have stopped complaining due to this kind of allegation.
As a resident of Saltair and owner of a B&B, I do feel my rights for quiet enjoyment of my home and developing the potential of my eco-tourist B&B business are violated. I feel harassed by so many freighters sent to park by Vancouver Port so close to our home. This only profits to the Port’s operations at the expense of our small business and eco-tourism potential. 
You can see on the map attached the high density of freighters we have to suffer in our area these days. It is more dense than a Port and we are a residential rural area not an industrial Port!
We need the Port to take actions to send a team to measure the sound levels and evaluate the socio economic impact of this invasion. It is not fair what is happening. 
Saltair Resident and B&B owner

community overwhelmed by freighters presence

Att: Vancouver Harbour Master
Dear Sir
The increase in freighters anchor days in Ladysmith/Saltair/Chemainus has reached 2000% and more this Fall. In addition and as of yesterday, we have 6 (updated just now) large bulk carriers parked in close proximity to each others and very close to our shores (less than 600m). No other area has this kind of density of freighters except the Port of Nanaimo, where it is expected as an industrial port. Furthermore, the Hercules could not access inside the Port of Ladysmith and has unloaded all its wood logs in the Stuart Channel, not so far from the protected rock fish area, increasing the disturbance to marine life.
This massive invasion of industrial freighters is a major disruption to the area, our coastal rural residential and recreational character, to the quiet enjoyment of our property and public space and our environment. The impact for tourist activity is paramount.
Prior to implementing such a dramatic change, there have been no environmental and socioeconomic studies conducted.  There has not been any risk assessment done to allow such a sudden change in usage of  historical anchorages.
The Interim Protocol has claimed it will reduce the impact on coastal communities and make sure no community is overwhelmed. It sounds like our community has been forgotten. We are overwhelmed and this increase is dramatic.
A simple glance at the map attached shows the high density in our area and the statistics compiled show this dramatic increase for the Fall:
We respectfully request that this issue is looked into and that our community is  no longer overwhelmed with 5 freighters parked in such a small space and close proximity to our shore.
Kay Morisset
Saltair Ocean Protection Community

new freighter (Penta) anchored in the exact same spot as a freighter that departed yesterday

Sent: Monday, October 29, 2018 7:04 PM
To: Poruks, Vija <>
Cc:;;;; Pacific Anchorages / Ancrages du pacifique (TC) <>
Subject: Interim Protocol – Saltair/Ladysmith

It is my understanding that the interim protocol in effect has as one of its objectives the equitable distribution of freighters among all designated anchorages in the Gulf Islands.  That being the case, why is there a new freighter (Penta)  anchored in the exact same spot as a freighter that departed yesterday?  This does not appear to be very equitable.  There are several empty anchorages that have not been used for a while.

I would also like to show my appreciation for the Greek freighter (Desert Oasis) that departed yesterday which showed a great deal of consideration for the locals living on the coastline by have a very minimum of lights on at night.  It makes me ask why all freighters can’t dim their lights to the same degree?  This includes the other freighter (Agri Marina) which has also been anchored off our shoreline for the last couple of weeks and has all lights blazing.


Saltair Resident



Dear [Saltair Resident],

This is in response to your question about the assignment of vessels and why the vessel “Penta” was assigned to Ladysmith D when other anchorages were apparently available.   We followed up with the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority who confirmed that the assignments have been made equitably.    As you probably know, each anchorage has a different size rating, and at the time the Penta was assigned to LSD it was the only available anchorages for a vessel greater than 200m.

One of the issues we face as we progress towards developing a new national selection and management system for anchorages,  is accommodating larger vessels, now more prevalent than in the past.

Thank you for your interest.


TRANSPORT CANADA – Oceans Protection Plan



From: saltair anchorage []
Sent: October 31, 2018 9:18 AM
To: Pacific Anchorages / Ancrages du pacifique (TC)
Cc:; Robert Lewis-Manning; Kevin Obermeyer
Subject: Re: Interim Protocol – Saltair/Ladysmith

Good morning

About this assertion “at the time the Penta was assigned to LSD it was the only available anchorages for a vessel greater than 200m”, it seems inaccurate knowing there are 33 anchorages currently managed by the Interim Protocol and several of them were empty at the time the Penta was assigned and several are allowing for freighters longer than 200m.

For example, anchorages LSE and LSF in Ladysmith were empty then and are still empty and they both are allowing freighters longer than 200m.


Kay Morisset


From: [Saltair Resident]
Date: Thu, Nov 1, 2018 at 12:52 PM
Subject: RE: Interim Protocol – Saltair/Ladysmith
To: saltair anchorage <>, Pacific Anchorages / Ancrages du pacifique (TC) <>
Cc: <>, Robert Lewis-Manning <>, Kevin Obermeyer <>

Further to Ms. Morisset’s email below, I would appreciate an explanation from the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority on why they believe “the assignments have been made equitably” when the Penta was assigned to an anchorage vacated less than 24 hours previously while two adjacent anchorages, LSE and LSF (both rated for 225m) have been vacant for some time now.  I suspect that these are not the only two other anchorages that were also available.  This does not suggest an equitable assignment strategy.


[Saltair Resident]



penta noise complaint

sound complaint freighter PENTA anchored in Ladysmith LSD – generator is heard at 73dB on my deck

Subject: sound complaint freighter PENTA anchored in Ladysmith LSD – generator is heard at 73dB on my deck
Date: November 2, 2018 at 10:33:10 AM PDT
Cc:, Pelton Jeff <>,, “Paquet, Alain” <>, Ops & Sec – Port Operations Center <>, Kevin Obermeyer <>, Lewis-Manning Robert <>,,,,, saltair anchorage <>

One more time a vessel parked in Saltair is projecting a high level of industrial sound nuisance towards our residential and recreational area. The sound of this vessel’s generator the “PENTA” has been measured at 73dB this morning on my iPhone and from my deck where I took the photo attached.

Several residents have requested monitoring of sound from vessels be undertaken to acknowledge the nuisance and reduce the impact on our community. Some anchorages such as LSD are just too close to shore for large vessels (PENTA is 225m), and the consequences are predictable: loud sound nuisance and loss of quietness.

Let’s take the example of Ladysmith bylaws: “No person shall emit or cause, suffer, or permit the emission of sound from the operation of a heat pump or water pump in a quiet zone resulting in a sound level at a point of reception located in a Quiet Zone in excess of: i. 50 decibels between 7 am and 10 pm, or ii. 45 decibels between 10 pm and 7 am the following day.”

Here we are faced with a situation where the sound is over 70dB, but nothing is done to alleviate this issue. The issue is amplified by the sudden increase in the number of freighters parked in our coastal waters. Saltair is a quiet residential area, but we continue to be bombarded with loud sound from vessels anchored that are not compatible with the quietness of a rural coastal area.

The level of sound over 70dB compares to a new freeway being placed overnight a few hundred meters from our front yard. The sound covers bird chirping (45dB) and passing cars (65dB).

The same vessel parked in English Bay is not impacting residents with the same level of noise because the anchorages are further away and the suburban/urban ambient noise is much higher than a rural area.

There has to be something that can be done, first acknowledging the harmful situation by measuring the sound levels in our residential streets and households, and then take measures to prevent this to happen again. The loud noise is very stressful and impacts our health.

Saltair Resident



From: Lynne Smith <>
Subject: Re: sound complaint freighter PENTA anchored in Ladysmith LSD – generator is heard at 73dB on my deck
Date: November 2, 2018 at 5:37:21 PM PDT

Hi Kay,

Thank you for sending me this information.

The Saltair Ocean Protection Group may want to put together a presentation for the CVRD Board to request the CVRD Board Directors to authorize the writing of letters to the Provincial Government and the Federal Government. The same as the Town of Ladysmith has written.

On the CVRD website you can fill out the form to apply to be a delegation.

Lynne Smith
Area G Director (Elect)

Saltar anchorage LSD

Saltair anchorage LSD – SANTA VALENTINA Nuisance Complaint

Sent to: Chamber of shipping, MP Malcomlson

I live close to the Stuart Channel , a restricted access body of water with narrow passes in and out in all north , south and east directions  to federal government controlled main shipping channels . Having narrow ingress and egress the Stuart Channel is a very slow changing body of water that recommends itself to recreational use . Fishing has been partially decimated over the past twenty five years , Ladysmith has built and continues to improve its modern sewage treatment and water dispersal plant . The shallow , summer warmed beaches provide swimming , groups of children (especially young ones ) from local schools are marshalled down to the beaches for fun and biological introduction. The waters allow crabbing , shrimping , canoeing , kayaking and sailing ( including U.S.A. vessels visiting the local marinas) . One from Hawaii was seen moored in Chemainus marina during September 2018  .

Saltair district is a rural retreat . We have no sidewalks , no downtown , no street lighting ( except three lamps at the Davis Lagoon curved bridge ) and are part of the Canada Trail , thus ensuring a lasting non Industrial- commercial environment that is our home .

As of the last few years we have sustained a steadily increasing volume of anchoring, large ocean going freighters that have flood lights operating permanently during the naturally dark hours ( longer hours as the year becomes winter ) disturbing not only the fauna but in some instances even the flora . Were you aware that certain plants only flower during the lengthening night time hours ? Difficult for plants to flower and set seed when the night is similar to day ,sometimes weeks at a time .

Noise from  running generating motors to power the necessary operations on board ship is loud and constant . By constant I mean twenty four hours a day , seven days a week . They run when the vessels arrive to find anchorage , run permanently while at anchor and still run as they weigh and leave the residents at a loss to fight this gross intrusion of our backwater . It’s a vital loss but no benefit at all for this quiet area . The benefit is for for profit of the curiously registered vessels and the port authority that authorized their permission , but to the detriment of the residents .  Better planning on arrivals to the loading facilities would be a start . Please ensure the coming season has no more unwelcome visitors to our life style .

[Saltair Resident]


Answer received from Chamber of Shipping President:

Hello [..],

Thank you for the note and the description of your beautiful surroundings. I have personally visited all of the locations where ships anchor in the Southern Gulf Islands in both the day-time and at night. While it might not appear like it sometimes, there are a number of people working quite hard to improve the current situation and develop a management strategy for the longer-term. It does not make much business sense  to anchor ships awaiting loading or unloading so far from their terminals so there are a number of reasons to strive for change.

I am hopeful that the Government of Canada’s National Anchorage Review can be aligned with the Ports Modernization Review, as much of this challenge is directly related to efficiency and productivity of the supply chain. I appreciate that your local MP is very knowledgeable of the situation and anything that MP Malcomson might do to encourage this approach would be most appreciated.

Best regards,


Robert Lewis-Manning, OMM, CD, MBA  |  President  | Chamber of Shipping
t: 604.681.2351 |  f : 604.681.4364  |  | |@COSBCtweets