Vancouver Island

BC, Canada

Here are the photos that are taken from residents of Saltair of the Blue herons mating and nesting in a tree just at the edge of the Beach near Boulder Point.

There are regulations under the BC Wildlife Act to protect species at risk. For example, Blue herons are at risk and legally protected. The guideline provided in “Develop with Care 2014: Environmental Guidelines for Urban and Rural Land Development in British Columbia.” Indicates that 200 m in rural areas with an additional 200 meter ‘no disturbance’ buffer is recommended during the nesting season (between January 15 and September 15).

Freighters that recently anchored in the anchorages LSD and LSC are too close to our shore – the aft with the engine noise is less than 400m to shore – and are susceptible to harm these protected birds. We need this to be investigated and no more freighters are allowed that close to their mating and nesting area.

Spring 2018 courtship scenes


heron courtship

Sept 2018 – adult Heron and  baby Heron sitting in a tree

blue heron nesting



Distance to shore: freighters

freighter sound level

These vessels engine is heard at 70 to 80 DB day and night by residents. Blue herons buffer zone is not respected. Vancouver Port and Transport Canada are sending commercial vessels to park in the Gulf Island and Vancouver Island coastal communities to HIDE the congestion and inefficiencies of Vancouver Port. We request that the environmental studies include the area of the Gulf Islands impacted by the anticipated increase in marine shipping.
Our area has seen an increase of 600% of freighters anchored since 2016. Our marine life is vanishing, Orcas seldom visit.


We want to MAKE SURE that Saltair area is included in the environmental study, we are impacted by this KM pipeline and projection of increase in tanker traffic. Making room for more tankers  in ports means more vessels are sent to anchor outside of ports.
TRANSPORT CANADA regularly violates the buffer zone for endangered Blue Herons in Saltair and Ladysmith.