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BC, Canada


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freighter SANTA VALENTINA is parked in Saltair quiet residential rural area where she does NOT belong

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Hello Vija,

I want to share your my point of view about the Interim Protocol.

If I were rich and powerful, I would

-1: hire a private investigator to find your personal addresses
-2:  hire 4 semis and truck drivers for each of person that will receive this email
-3:  Park these semis  in front of your home
-4:  Ask the truck drivers to idle their engine 24/7
-5:  Ask the truck drivers to light them up at night
-6:  hire a bobcat guy to scrap your backyard and garden

I am not this person.

So I cannot make you live what I am experiencing right now when you send freighters anchored to close to the shore in residential rural area with your Interim Protocol.

Also I have contacted the ship agent of the SANTA VALENTINA, It looks like your Services and Vancouver Port are lying to them by saying this is a mandatory program, and you tell them they have to comply to send freighters anchoring in coastal water close by residences.

Based on your website it is NOT, it is a voluntary program. This is the second time a ship agent mentioned they have the obligation to follow orders and come and park their vessels here in Saltair. G2 Ocean also said also this same information to members of our advocacy group.

Stop the Interim Protocol immediately! Stop sending vessels in a quiet residential rural area where they do NOT belong.

Start working immediately on developing a program of just in time berthing like modern countries are doing. When has Canada became a third world country? Why Canada is not a leader to fight pollution?

Your Interim Protocol is making Canada trailing behind we are now back in the 50ies when all polluters was spreading the pollution all over the place instead of dealing with, eliminating the cause and limiting the exposure and devastation to our environment, wildlife, and residents.

[Saltair Resident]

pretty phot huge freighter

Why large vessels are permitted to anchor in residential areas ?


  I would like to add my name to the list of those upset by the use of the Chemainus/Saltair/Ladysmith harbour as a parking lot for industrial tankers.

This is a small, populated area with concerns varying from a diminishing orca population as well as many other forms of ocean life and nesting grounds for blue herons and bald eagles.

  I don’t see why these large vessels are permitted to anchor in residential areas that were not meant to handle commercial traffic. There are ports making money through the commercial hauling of goods and I question why this industry is not better controlled in order to prevent use of areas such as the one referred to.

  This vessels are huge, they affect the entire harbour even when there is only one at anchorage and I have seen four and five parked here at times. They light up the sky at night, are noisy, and have been witnessed and photographed discharging fluids into the harbour. This area is home to a large number of seniors who are affected by this and have trouble sleeping and I can only imagine what it’s doing to our wildlife and ecological system.

  As well, the towns of Ladysmith and Chemainus rely on tourism, an industry much better suited to our locale. The sight of this enormous, unattractive vessels has been commented on by visitors and family I have had here this past year and I can only imagine what image people who travel from around the world to our area take home with them.

  Please, isn’t there an answer to this? It really is affecting us and our natural environment.

  Thank you for taking time to read this,