Vancouver Island

BC, Canada

No surveillance has been put in place despite the Interim Protocol has reactivated historical anchorages and is sending many many freighters to park in this Area.
All sort of discharges happen!

See photos taken by residents of freighters parked in Saltair and Ladysmith:

If you see a discharge, pleas take photos and send them to so we can post it here.

Report what you see to Coast Guards at: opsdesk.rocwest [at] gmail [dot] com

and poachers and polluters:

Report All Poachers and Polluters (RAPP)

March 4, 2019


Dark and black smoke was observed today for more than an hour.

Air quality is impacted, industrial pollution in a future conservation park! And this is just the visible part. What is going on underwater is still to be uncovered.
This is one of the consequences of irresponsible parking of international freitghers outside of Port with no surveillance in Ladymsith,Saltair, Chemainus area.


Effluent Discharge – KYPROS LOYALTY



Yellow discharge and hanging rope looking like a crabing rope


Starting and testing the engine while at anchor


Dumping barrels


Other Discharges


Engine Smoke Exhaust

Santa Valantina leaving its anchor and giving us a gift of a exhaust smoke.

smoke exhaust cargo ship

Although a nighttime pic by iPad it’s possible to see the diesel exhaust !

The Santa Valentina leaving this morning at 06.15 . I haven’t sailed for the last twenty years or so but it came to me watching this one, thankfully , leave , why do these vessels travel in darkness with a pinpoint of light at the bow and stern plus nav lights , and yet while anchored have bridge , crew quarters plus 2-4 flood lights on throughout the night . Surely it should be the other way around or am I getting weird in my old age . Funny things go through the mind when having early morning coffee while the noisiest ship in ages slowly departs our over accommodating anchorages. [Saltair Resident]

Another unidentified discharge from an anchored vessel:

HUAYANG SPIRIT discharge 08.00 hrs Nov 30

Nord Baltic



Unknown discharge for more than 24 hours

Vessel name:
Nord Baltic

Please provide a brief description of your concerns:
At approximately 2:50 pm today we witnessed this freighter discharging significant amount of water out of the back.
NO photo