Vancouver Island

BC, Canada

Initial Document

See this document below published by Transport Canada and shared with coastal communities who were part of the discussion before its inception.

Saltair was not informed at the time it was published and has still not been invited to any consultation or meeting with Transport Canada yet as of Sept 13 2018.

We received a copy of this document shared by other  advocacy groups friends

final Interim Protocol Southern B.C. Anchoring Practices – FINAL – for release by 08-Feb-2018

An online version also exists, it includes references to the reports as well:

Consultation with Saltair community

As soon as we have formed the Saltair Ocean Protection Committee (March 2018), we have requested an invite to the Spring consultation but were told there was no more room.

Other groups tend to think these consultations are somewhat useless as they say none of the feedback provided are acted upon.

Stay tuned, there should be another round of consultation in the Fall?

Excerpt of Email Answers from IP/OPP (Vija, Jeff, Yvette)

We have received some answer to our emails (not all of them), most of them are frustrating and deflecting our concerns. See excerpts below.

in construction

Some are informational:

in construction

Some are unacceptable:

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Technical Documents shared by Vija

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