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port shipping agency

Ship agents are told the Interim Protocol is mandatory

Hello B.,

Thank you for your answer.

I found you were the ship agent for the Santa Valentina on the Internet. If it not the case, my sincere apologies to have bothered you with my messages. But I would like to let you know what residents of Saltair are enduring when a ship is sent to anchor in a rural residential area.

If you know the ship agent of this vessel, I would appreciate if you can give me his contact info so I can also pass my feedback to them.

We have already sent many complaints to,,,,,,

Based on your message, it looks like the ship agents have been misinformed by Vancouver Fraser Port Authority (VFPA). The Interim Protocol is a voluntary program, not a mandatory program. You could say no we do not want to go so far in the Gulf Islands and be a nuisance to rural residential area and contributing to the destruction of wildlife and the environment. See official info here:

Also, VPA mentioned that they had consulted the communities, it is wrong, Saltair community was not consulted. Even worse, they have re-activated historical anchorages without any environmental studies nor sociological studies.

We have sent already 2 petitions to the Parliament of Canada, many more are on their way.

Our group has reached other ship agents. One of them already expressed he is sorry for the nuisance to a rural residential area and be a nuisance for the residents. They even sent their apologies to Saltair Residents.

If your company has a heart and not only a wallet, please help the coastal communities, wildlife, and the environment. Please ask not to be sent in the anchorages known as Ladysmith C (LSC), Ladysmith D (LSD) and Ladysmith F (LSF). These anchorages are NOT located in Ladysmith but in Saltair a rural residential area.

Please contact other ship agents and the chamber of shipping and join us to ask VFPA to develop an innovative and modern program called Just-in-time berthing like there are doing in developed countries. The Interim Protocol is a bad project, and it is spreading pollution, destroying the environment and contributing to jeopardize endangered species survival, it should be stopped immediately.

The Santa Valentina is anchored so close to our shore and our public beach accessed, we can see the guys on the deck without binocular.  See photo below

Furthermore, the noise of the Santa Valentina is up to 78.5 DB way above the local CVRD residential noise bylaws.

Would you and your family sleep/live with a 200-meter truck idling 24/7 and full light at night in your backyard?

Many residents are deprived of sleep because of this vessel.

It is even worse when a ship arrives and anchors at night. All the village is awaken, not only the coastal residents.

The anchor of the Santa Valentina and all vessels are scraping the seabed, destroying prawn and crab habitat.

Also she is too close to the shore. See photo taken with my iPhone with no zoom this morning.


Thank you for your time and I hope you will be able to help us.


[Saltair resident]




September 20, 2018


Apologies for my lack of clarity. By way of explanation any issues with anchorage assignments / vessel locations must be dealt with through Port Metro Vancouver Harbour Masters office. We , as agents, do NOT have any control over anchorage assignments.

It is a protocol that has been developed by the Port  in conjunction with Pacific Pilotage and we have to follow their instructions with respect to where vessels are to anchor.


In addition please note that this particular is not one of the vessels being handled by our agency.


Kind Regards



 Wheelhouse Shipping Agency Ltd.