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Saltar anchorage LSD

Saltair anchorage LSD – SANTA VALENTINA Nuisance Complaint

Sent to: Chamber of shipping, MP Malcomlson

I live close to the Stuart Channel , a restricted access body of water with narrow passes in and out in all north , south and east directions  to federal government controlled main shipping channels . Having narrow ingress and egress the Stuart Channel is a very slow changing body of water that recommends itself to recreational use . Fishing has been partially decimated over the past twenty five years , Ladysmith has built and continues to improve its modern sewage treatment and water dispersal plant . The shallow , summer warmed beaches provide swimming , groups of children (especially young ones ) from local schools are marshalled down to the beaches for fun and biological introduction. The waters allow crabbing , shrimping , canoeing , kayaking and sailing ( including U.S.A. vessels visiting the local marinas) . One from Hawaii was seen moored in Chemainus marina during September 2018  .

Saltair district is a rural retreat . We have no sidewalks , no downtown , no street lighting ( except three lamps at the Davis Lagoon curved bridge ) and are part of the Canada Trail , thus ensuring a lasting non Industrial- commercial environment that is our home .

As of the last few years we have sustained a steadily increasing volume of anchoring, large ocean going freighters that have flood lights operating permanently during the naturally dark hours ( longer hours as the year becomes winter ) disturbing not only the fauna but in some instances even the flora . Were you aware that certain plants only flower during the lengthening night time hours ? Difficult for plants to flower and set seed when the night is similar to day ,sometimes weeks at a time .

Noise from  running generating motors to power the necessary operations on board ship is loud and constant . By constant I mean twenty four hours a day , seven days a week . They run when the vessels arrive to find anchorage , run permanently while at anchor and still run as they weigh and leave the residents at a loss to fight this gross intrusion of our backwater . It’s a vital loss but no benefit at all for this quiet area . The benefit is for for profit of the curiously registered vessels and the port authority that authorized their permission , but to the detriment of the residents .  Better planning on arrivals to the loading facilities would be a start . Please ensure the coming season has no more unwelcome visitors to our life style .

[Saltair Resident]


Answer received from Chamber of Shipping President:

Hello [..],

Thank you for the note and the description of your beautiful surroundings. I have personally visited all of the locations where ships anchor in the Southern Gulf Islands in both the day-time and at night. While it might not appear like it sometimes, there are a number of people working quite hard to improve the current situation and develop a management strategy for the longer-term. It does not make much business sense  to anchor ships awaiting loading or unloading so far from their terminals so there are a number of reasons to strive for change.

I am hopeful that the Government of Canada’s National Anchorage Review can be aligned with the Ports Modernization Review, as much of this challenge is directly related to efficiency and productivity of the supply chain. I appreciate that your local MP is very knowledgeable of the situation and anything that MP Malcomson might do to encourage this approach would be most appreciated.

Best regards,


Robert Lewis-Manning, OMM, CD, MBA  |  President  | Chamber of Shipping
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