Vancouver Island

BC, Canada


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freighter in saltair

complaint regarding the anchoring of yet another freighter in Saltair

to Vija, Pacific, Jeff, Yvette, Louise, Alain, harbour_master, robert, bonnie, Kevin, me, chamber

Good morning all,
I am writing once again to register my complaint regarding the anchoring of yet another freighter in Saltair. This freighter arrived two days ago and has been droning on night and day since. I have been working in my yard and the constant noise is very irritating. Even with our windows now closed we can clearly hear it all night. I can only imagine the impact on the wildlife who make their home along the shore and underwater, as they have no escape.
As I have expressed now numerous times, this situation is untenable. The coastal waters of Saltair are not an appropriate place to park freighters. This is not an industrial area. The impact on our neighborhood and the wildlife along our coast is unjust.
A strategy to actually deal with the issue of long term freighter anchoring is required. Stop gap measures such as the Interim Protocol are wasted efforts that do nothing but cause more problems.
I do believe there are good people working on this issue. I challenge each of you to adjust course and set sights on a better plan.
Yours truly,
[Saltair Resident]