Vancouver Island

BC, Canada


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little grand daughter has awoken in night terrors

To all addressed:

The Santa Valentia has anchored directly in front of our residence in Saltair, B.C. We quite frankly are tired of being awoken by chains being dropped and or retracted, generator noise day and night, and
lights shining in our windows so bright that it looks like daylight all night long. Our little grand daughter has awoken in night terrors due to the anchor noises when they arrive at night. She has a hard time getting back to sleep
because she thinks its daytime due to the bright lights.

We have been residents of Saltair for 20 years and would not have moved here if we thought we were going to be living in an industrial area. When we first moved here, we never saw any freighters but lately there seems to be
an unending stream of them coming and going. If I look at my marine charts there is not even a designated anchorage shown in front of my house, the closest one being Boulder Point and I don’t think it was designated for the
size of ships using it now. When was the anchorage in front of my house designated? Why wasn’t there a consultation process with land owners affected? Why wasn’t there an environmental study done?

The ships continually spin around on anchor, decimating any and all sea life on the bottom in this area. Our crabbing has gone down to next to nothing and we are not seeing the wild life that we are used to.
You seem to be dumping all these freighters in the Gulf Islands but I never see any in Howe Sound which would be closer to Vancouver Harbour. Why is that? Is the Port so mismanaged that scheduling and On Time Delivery
is not even considered?

Something has to be done, anchoring ships 500 meters off of a densely populated residential area is such a bad idea on many fronts. Surely there are other solutions which would have less of an impact on residents, sea life, and
wild life. How would you react if someone put a noisy brightly lit industrial park right next to your house. You would most likely not be happy. That’s where we are now—- EXTREMELY NOT HAPPY!!!!!

[Saltair residents]