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498m from our shore – more noise from freighter SANTA VALENTINA

to vija.poruks, Kevin, Yvette, Alain, Louise, Jeff
Hello again,
I am writing today to share with you a video I took yesterday afternoon. For over 30 minutes around 4:30pm there was the sound of cheers and yells and raised voices, from both men and women, reverberating throughout our neighbourhood. It sounded like crowd watching a soccer match and it took me a few minutes to figure out it was coming from the freighter. I stood on my deck in awe of the sound and watched other neighbours come out of their homes to scratch their heads and look around in bewilderment until they turned and also stared at the freighter. It was shocking. My video does not do justice to the sound, but it does illustrate just how close the freighter is anchored to Saltair and just how much noise transfers up into our homes.
What was going on on that freighter yesterday afternoon? Was it the crew kicking back and enjoying themselves? Are there that many women on board? Maybe? I honestly don’t know, but I’m curious of my new neighbour, as I would be of any neighbour who was suddenly yelling and cheering and hosting what sounded like a loud and raucous party.
Once again I am hoping that the people working on this issue will acknowledge that Saltair is not the place to park a freighter. This anchorage is too close to shore. It brings freighters and residents into too close proximity. This is a mix that will never work.
[Saltair resident]


distance measured with a golf range finder 498m