Vancouver Island

BC, Canada


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community overwhelmed by freighters presence

Att: Vancouver Harbour Master
Dear Sir
The increase in freighters anchor days in Ladysmith/Saltair/Chemainus has reached 2000% and more this Fall. In addition and as of yesterday, we have 6 (updated just now) large bulk carriers parked in close proximity to each others and very close to our shores (less than 600m). No other area has this kind of density of freighters except the Port of Nanaimo, where it is expected as an industrial port. Furthermore, the Hercules could not access inside the Port of Ladysmith and has unloaded all its wood logs in the Stuart Channel, not so far from the protected rock fish area, increasing the disturbance to marine life.
This massive invasion of industrial freighters is a major disruption to the area, our coastal rural residential and recreational character, to the quiet enjoyment of our property and public space and our environment. The impact for tourist activity is paramount.
Prior to implementing such a dramatic change, there have been no environmental and socioeconomic studies conducted.  There has not been any risk assessment done to allow such a sudden change in usage of  historical anchorages.
The Interim Protocol has claimed it will reduce the impact on coastal communities and make sure no community is overwhelmed. It sounds like our community has been forgotten. We are overwhelmed and this increase is dramatic.
A simple glance at the map attached shows the high density in our area and the statistics compiled show this dramatic increase for the Fall:
We respectfully request that this issue is looked into and that our community is  no longer overwhelmed with 5 freighters parked in such a small space and close proximity to our shore.
Kay Morisset
Saltair Ocean Protection Community