Vancouver Island

BC, Canada

Current project – Leveraging vessels historical AIS data to produce maps of interest

We are working at producing map-based study using vessels AIS records to produce ‘anchorage arcs’ like those presented in the Davis et al publication (reference below), as well as kernel density heat maps that would illustrate cumulative anchorage on an annual or monthly basis, in different zones around the coast.

ships anchor saltair

© 2018 Kaymo – AIS data mapping for 4 vessels anchored in Saltair in 2018

That would provide a better understanding of the intensity of anchorages and potential for disturbance, by geographic zone. This would provide a basis for identifying changes of time and flagging potential areas of concern. It would also be very useful for communicating with responsible regulatory agencies and the public.

Reference: A similar study was conducted in Australia: Anchor Scour Impact

reasear Study impact anchors seabeds

We are considering this other project:

Surveying the seabed to document and quantify disturbance related to anchorage  would be a much lengthier exercise that would require a substantial budget. It would require visual and possibly side-scan sonar surveys of the seabed with underwater cameras and remotely-operated vehicles, as well as the collection of sediment samples for faunal inventories.

Project completed by Islands Trust Fund: Inventory of ecosystems.

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